Jorge R. González Business Plan – Conflict Prevention and Resolution Consultant

I want to put my 42 years of legal practice combined with leading roles in professional, non profit and business organizations to assist in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. In this regard, I am available to assist in the following five areas:.

1. Teaching Persuasion/Negotiation Skills.

An effective professional and businessperson needs to be persuasive and a good negotiator. I am available to teach persuasion/negotiation skills on an individual or group basis.

2. Conflict Prevention and Resolution Consultation.

Ideally entities should put in place steps and processes to avoid conflicts or quickly resolve them before they become serious and costly. One step is to have a consultant to management, the Board and/or owner(s) who, based on past experience and skills, can help the entity prevent conflicts and resolve them effectively.

3. Negotiating Consultant.

I spent various years at the beginning of my legal career litigating, and found the experience frustrating, inefficient and costly. Far too often the parties push the controversy into litigation wherein control by the client is substantially lost. At the end, most cases are settled after much loss of time and expense and after relationships are damaged, sometimes irreparably. I am available to assist in the development and implementation of a negotiation strategy in order to amicably settle a controversy.

4. Mediation.

Should the parties be unable to negotiate an amicable solution to an ongoing controversy, an effective alternative to litigation or arbitration is to appoint a neutral, respected and skilled mediator. Besides negotiation and mediation skills, an effective mediator needs to gain the trust of the parties and bring to bear the mediator's experience and creativity in order to help them develop a mutually acceptable solution to their controversy.

5. Arbitration.

There are of course moments wherein amicable solutions are not attainable. The alternatives are either litigation in the courts or arbitration. I believe in the private and more controlled process of arbitration.